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Reusable Milk Bottle Carton - Clear

Reusable Milk Bottle Carton - Clear

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Our newly stocked, super trendy, milk carton water bottle is eco-friendly, portable, compact in size, so it's perfect to take with with you everywhere to reduce your single-use bottle usage! 

Get in quick on this opening sale!

- Not only cute but also REUSABLE

- Save money by stop buying single use bottles & use this for water instead! 

- Acrylic plastic & can be used unlimitedly with care.

- Able to hold boba drinks, water, juices, smoothies, or more!

- Use this bottle at your local boba or Starbucks store to receive any discounts that they offer!

- Note: this bottle only allows cold/moderate temperate liquids only. 

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Replace your straws today.

National Geographic estimates that over BILLIONS of plastic straws are thrown away EVERY YEAR! So Bubble Tea as international delicacy, you can imagine how much of a major impact the industry would have on the global environment, or even just in NZ.

Make the first step now and join us and thousands of others in eliminating single-use straws while getting take-out drinks. #GUILTFREECONSUMPTION

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